work­shop with live-OP & hands-on

Auto­ge­nous Tooth Roots for Loca­lized Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

November 20th, 2020 in Frankfurt/Main

Take your chance and join a team of Top Class sur­geons pre­sen­ting a revo­lu­tio­nary tech­nique for alveolar ridge aug­men­ta­tion as recently pre­sented at Euro­perio 9 in Amsterdam.

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Pre­cli­nical and cli­nical data pro­vide clear evi­dence, that tooth roots reveal a struc­tural and bio­lo­gical poten­tial to serve as alter­na­tive auto­grafts for loca­lized ridge aug­men­ta­tion. In fact, dentin has a similar anor­ganic and organic com­po­si­tion as bone, fea­tures osteo­con­duc­tive as well as osteo­in­duc­tive pro­per­ties and also gets involved in the bone remo­de­ling process.

This com­pre­hen­sive – full day work­shop with live-OP and hands-on – will elu­ci­date this new bio­lo­gical con­cept and focus on asso­ciated sur­gical pro­ce­dures for cur­rent cli­nical applications.

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Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz

Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. Robert Sader


Part 1

Bio­lo­gical Rational and Sci­en­tific Background

Part 2

Live Sur­gery (lateral ridge aug­men­ta­tion using auto­ge­nous roots)

Part 3

Hands-on Work­shop (sur­gical pro­ce­dure step by step, tooth pre­pa­ra­tion, flap design and sutu­ring technique)


Cer­ti­fi­cate of the Ger­many Asso­cia­tion of Oral Implan­to­logy (DGI)


Depart­ment of Oral Sur­gery and Implan­to­logy, Caro­linum, Goethe Uni­ver­sity Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz
Pro­fessor and Head of the Depart­ment of Oral Sur­gery and Implan­to­logy, Centre for Den­ti­stry and Oral Medi­cine (Caro­linum), Johann Wolf­gang Goethe-Uni­ver­sity Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. Robert Sader
Director, Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
Director Centre for Den­ti­stry and Oral Medi­cine (Caro­linum), Johann Wolf­gang Goethe-Uni­ver­sity Frankfurt/Main, Germany


November 20th, 2020




890 EUR* mem­bers of DGI
980 EUR* non-members
*excl. 19% VAT.


The number of par­ti­ci­pants is limited to 20.


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